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  • Fitness
235 N Leroy St
Suite E
Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 208-0087
Open to members 24/7 - Staffed MON-THURS 11am-8pm, FRI 9am-6pm, and SAT 11am-4pm
  • About

    Each day people are training their bodies and their minds with exercise, but we have taken wellness to the next level. HOTWORX is a 24-hour infrared fitness studio that offers its members unlimited access to infrared saunas with multi-dimensional training that utilizes heat, exercise, and infrared energy. This powerful combination of exercise inside of infrared saunas brings about better blood circulation, A more efficient fat burn, and a more consistent release of toxins and cellular waste from the body.
    At HOTWORX, all of our sessions are virtually instructed and are available to our members 24/7, making it a great fitness option for busy people who need more workout in less time. Our classes are intentional in their workout routine and are all under an hour in duration, helping you better your body and clear your mind without spending unnecessary time exercising.
    Our studio offers 10 different workout sessions: Isometrics, a series of stationary exercises designed to wring out toxins from the tissues; athletic-style Yoga; traditional Pilates; Barre None- a lower-body class with roots in a ballet barre class; Warrior- a session containing advanced isometric postures; Core- which focuses on the truck area of the body; Bands- a class that utilizes resistance bands to train the upper body and abdomen; Buns- a unique workout that targets the glutes; Cycle- a 15 minute class on a stationary spin bike; Blast- a 15 minute total-body workout that uses Keiser Bikes; and Thunder, a final 15 minute workout on a dual-handle rowing machine.

  • Directions

    Across the street from the Fenton Hotel in the plaza with Jet's Pizza and BIGGBY Coffee